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Hillcrest International School

Hillcrest International is an accredited Christian school, sponsored by a consortium of the major protestant missions in Papua, and governed by a private Board of Directors. The Christian foundation of HIS is reflected in the mission of the school: to provide the children of missionaries, along with Indonesian and international students, with a Biblically-based education which will enable them to thrive in all aspects of life. With this in mind, teachers look for ways to enrich students’ relationships with the Lord and approach all subjects from a Christian viewpoint. The main campus serving grades K-12 is located in Sentani, Papua, Indonesia, with a satellite facility serving grades 1-6 in Wamena. Boarding options are available near the Sentani campus for high school students.


History of Hillcrest International School

What is now Hillcrest International School (HIS) first began in 1958 when the Christian and Missionary Alliance established an elementary school in Sentani to provide education for their own mission children in Papua.  The buildings already on the hillside campus had housed General Douglas MacArthur’s staff during WWII. Children from other missions were later included in the student body, and the name Sentani International School (SIS) was adopted.  In 1991 SIS was reorganized as an intermission school.

A desire for secondary education for missionary children in Papua resulted in the establishment of an intermission high school in 1987. This high school was called Hillcrest International School and was built on another hill near SIS. In 1995 the secondary and elementary programs were consolidated under a single Board of Directors. In 1999 the SIS campus was closed, and the elementary and middle school program moved to newly built facilities next door to the high school site.

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In addition to the main campus in Sentani, HIS has satellite schools for grades 1-8 in Wamena and Nabire for the families with young children living there.  Currently the Nabire school is closed.


Last time we were in Indo Jeremy taught High school science but this time he will be doing something different; most likely Middle school math and science. Here are some photos of Jeremy's classes from the 2008-2009 school year.


I will be doing the same thing I did that last time we were at HIS; teaching kindergarten through grade 12 Phys. Ed. or P.E. as they call it there. The gym is open air, meaning it only has two walls, so when it rains it's wet and loud. There is a full size soccer field, tennis courts, weight room and racket ball court. There are three main sports played during the school year; volleyball, basketball and futsal. Every friday night during a season is a game night. All the expats and many locals come out and cheer on the teams as they compete and there are meals for sale to help the students raise money for their grade trip.

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