Follow the Adventure: The Brazeau's Serving In Papua

Snakes on a Cast

Back in 2008 I had to have a cast on for 8 weeks after reconstructive surgery on my ankle in Papua. It wasn't too much of an inconvenience and I was able to still teach all my classes but it did lead to a bit of a scary moment one night.

I had just finished getting ready for bed and as I was about to climb in I noticed something on the side of my cast. Now I don't generally freak out but when there is a snake clinging to the side my cast trying to get into it. I screamed and Jeremy jumped out of bed as I hopped around the room and swatted it off. But now there was a snake on the bedroom floor. I grabbed a can of ant poisoned and doused the thing but it had next to no affect on it so Jeremy bravely grabbed it and, doing the best thing he could think of, flushed it down the toilet. Toilet snake.

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