Follow the Adventure: The Brazeau's Serving In Papua

School Year 2012-2013

Newer updates will be posted at the top so please scroll down for older entries. Since the internet was not fast enough to allow me to update this site last year I will be going through and adding new updates to this page as well until we are all caught up. Thank you for your patience!

MAF Flight Interior

May 2013

Once a term MAF gives teachers and other support staff a trip interior so they can see the work they are helping to support. Here are some photos of our flight and visit to a Papuan villiage. My uncle's hockey team had just won the Memorial Cup so we took some photos to show our support for the team.

Bottle Rockets

May 2013

Jeremy and his grade seen class launched bottle rockets as part of their science unit on aerodynamics and propulsion. It's always a fun time.

Track and Field Day

May 3, 2013

In gym class we spent quite a bit of time during the second semester planning for track and field day, this year I had to teach all the events with my left hand as I had a cast on for two months. There is a half day when I run an event for the children in grade 8 through kindergarten for the morning, 7:30-11:30, and then we all get the afternoon off and I feel a great sense of relief. Our events are: 25m, 50m, 100m sprints, Standing and Running Long Jump, Discus, Shot Put, 400m Race, 800m Race, the 4x50m Relay and 4x100m Relay. The kids choose which events to take part in and the high school students help by running the different events. The kindergartners compete against each other and within that boy vs boys and girls vs girls to give the kids more opportunities to win ribbons. Each class chooses a colour and mascot to compete as and make banners to accompany them from event to event.

Grade 8 Sneak

April 2013

Every year to celebrate their last year in middle school the teachers plan a secret overnight trip for the eighth graders. This year Jeremy planned the 'Sneak'. The kids were told they all had to come to church to give a presentation for their bible class on Sunday morning. At the start of the service a slide came up with music dismissing the kids for their special event. Parents had packed bags for their kids and Jeremy, some parents and another teacher were off to the capital,  Jayapura, to watch a professional soccer game. Perispura is the top team in the Indonesia league, because the Papuans are amazing athletes, and the games are very exciting (so I have been told). The kids stopped for JCo, the newly opened donut shop at the mall in Jayapura, before heading to the game. Persipura won 4-1 over Gresik United F.C. from Gresik, East Java. After that the kids had dinner and spent the night at one of the student's homes in the capital before heading to the beach to use that family's jet ski the next day. The beach they went to is call 'Base G' and it was one of the places here named by the Americans during their time here in WWII. They picnicked, swam and jet skied the day away. It was a very successful 'Sneak'.


Jeremy and I signed up to coach basketball this year, working together to coach the girl's team so we could spend the time together. Unfortunately I broke my wrist the day of the first practice so I was more of moral support and stat keeper than coach. The basketball season is the longest season here and the only one with away games so it is a lot of fun. Papuan's are great basketball players so it is also a very competitive season. We had a great team this year and won all our regular season games and during the year end tournament  we came in second losing to a club team from the capital, Jayapura, in a close game.

Jeremy was invited to play in the Dad's vs Boys team basketball game and made me proud, as always.  Our girls team played to the moms and we were able to destroy them, lol, it was a fun game. We tried out a play called 'Fire Dog' where one of our girls got down on all fours in the corner and started barking loudly to distract the mom's while we scored. It was pretty hilarious and highly embarrassing for the brave girl who played the main role. She was awesome.

Christmas and Christmas Eve

December 24 & 25, 2012

Christmas here is different for several key reasons. There is no snow, there are no real Christmas trees, it is generally the beginning of raining season and is overcast, there is never a silent night, turkeys are hard to come by, and we are away from our family. While we are away from our families we do have friends and colleagues to celebrate with. Christmas Eve was a wonderful time. We had friends over for dinner and shared a delicious pork tenderloin we ordered from Bali. We had to borrow a desk from school to extend our table but it was really nice. What was really special was that our apartment became the place to drop by and soon there was nearly twenty people there playing games, watching Rudolph and chatting. Some former students came by too. It was a really special time for us. And of course we capped off the night with fireworks.

Christmas Day we were invited to our friends house for the whole day. We played Boccie ball, watched the kids open gifts, played games, watched 'While You were Sleeping' and had a ham dinner. The evening was ended with more fireworks, though some were old and just exploded on the ground in a terrifying fashion. It was truly a wonderful time spent celebrating the birth of our Lord.  

Christmas Banquet

December 8th, 2012

Before exams got to close for comfort the annual high school Christmas banquet was held and this year it was pretty nice. There is a hotel in Sentani that is pretty nice and they have a buffet every Saturday night. The school arranged for out banquet to take over the poolside dinning area for the night and we enjoyed a wonderful buffet of grilled meats and vegetables along with some cream of corn soup. When we arrived there were still hotel guests using the pool, Indonesian style, which means they were swimming fully clothed which is always an interesting sight.

There was music and table games before we headed back up to the school, Christmas tree in tow, and played a few more games before enjoying some fireworks. The games included the worst game of the Christmas  gift exchange I have every been a party to. Apparently the kids reveal in giving the worst gifts possible, usually just garbage they pick up from around their homes. This year's worst gifts included; a box of cucumbers, a filthy used pencil case and a box of powdered milk for expectant mothers. Jeremy carried on a Met tradition, started by the great Noah Grossman, and gifted an autographed picture of himself which was fought over by several students.


After volleyball season had ended I went right on to coaching Futsal (indoor soccer). I helped coach the girls B team and they held a good record for the season. At one point in the season we held a community vs students game night and I played against the girls B team and refereed the Boys A game while Jeremy played goal against the boys A and B teams. I had to leave the girls game shorty after the start to take care of an injured played but Jeremy played both games and was excellent. In the Boys A game Jeremy took a cannon ball to the face in the opening seconds of the game and impressed the kids when he didn't even flinch.

Fun Day!

November 2012

Every year there is a 'Fun Day' run by the middle and elementary school that is thrown for the students and the national staff's children. It includes all kinds of games and prizes, the most fun of which are the 'water mafia' (a paid water hit man service that the students use to get their teachers and friends soaked) and the dunk tank. This year Jeremy and the grade six's ran the dunk tank and they all had a blast.

Sadie Hawkins

October 27, 2012 

"The girls ask the guys, its always a surprise" At the end of October there is always a Sadie Hawkins dance where the kids dress up in pairs costumes. Jeremy was the teacher representative with student council and helped organize the event. It was Hollywood themed and the kids and parents did an amazing job with the decoration, food and organization. Everyone had a great time.

Beach Trip 2012

August 30-September 1, 2012

Jeremy and I were sponsors on the High School Beach Trip. We both were team leaders which entailed organizing a meal to be prepared on the trip. We both lucked out and got easy meals. Jeremy ordered cinnamon rolls for their breakfast and my team did PB&J for the final lunch meal. Jeremy and I were responsible for the team building games and we pulled out a few Met classics that were met with enthusiasm. It was cool to see some of my favourite old games being played on the beautiful beaches of Papua. One of the teacher`s led the sessions and there was lots of fun in the sun to be had.

We camped feet from the ocean and could hear the waves crashing through the night. We were also blessed enough to be there during the mid point of a lunar cycle and the full moon shone brightly each night reflecting off the waves, silhouetting the palms and the carved log boats of local fisher men. It was an amazing trip. 


September 2012

One week into school and the first sport's season was already upon us. I was asked to help coach the B-team girls for volleyball. We had late night practices twice a week and games on Friday. While we didn't win very many games we had a fantastic time. 

Hike to the Falls

September 29, September 2012 

One of the activities we love to do is go hiking up to the waterfalls with the students. It is generally advisable to travel in bigger groups with boys and girls for security reasons. There are a series of falls of varying sizes as you head up Mt. Cyclops and some have good swimming. The fall in these photos is good for jumping. It was supposed to be a full moon so the kids asked us to go up with them for some night swimming and jumping.

Uninvited Guest

September 2012

Tonight when we came home we had an unexpected surprise waiting for us. Right where we park our scooter there was a five foot long snake perched at neck height. A high schooler was kind enough to take care of it for us with a parang (machete). Even once the head was off both parts kept striking at us.

Street Food and Friends

When we arrived back in Papua were we pleased to find a group of friends that were extremely welcoming. Jeremy had golf and video game buddies and we were introduced to some new experiences including street food.

Travel and Birthdays

August 13, 2012

On our way back to Papua we celebrated Jeremy`s 30th Birthday! We were stopped for a 6 hour lay over in Hong Kong so we celebrated over a breakfast from McDonald`s complete with a singing candle (perched in Jer`s sausage McMuffin), birthday sign and cards all packed away in my backpack by my caring mother.

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