Follow the Adventure: The Brazeau's Serving In Papua

This is where you can read about our journey back to Papua. We will chronicle our adventures as we follow the Lord's leading back to one of the most remote places in the modern world.  Newest Posts will appear at the top. Check back for updates.

Belated Update: December- March

March 10th, 2017

Apologies for the long time and no updates here on the site. Prepare yourself to be informed. 

During the time leading up to Christmas Jeremy and I spoke at the Cambodian Evangelical Christian Church, run by Pastor Sou. It was so nice to be a part of a service that reminded us even in a small way of how we feel overseas. It is so cool to see the Lord worshiped in different language and culture. They allowed us to share about the work being done in Papua and invited us to stay for the monthly potluck. My grandparents have attended this church for a very long time, so it has always had a special place in my heart. It used to run out of a room in the basement of the old Met downtown on Bank Street that was affectionately known as the Cambodian room.

Christmas came and we split our time between Ottawa and Kitchener and then I received my surgery date in mid January. Some of you may remember that there were two terrible flues going around at that time (one stomach and one head/chest) so Jeremy and I hid at the cottage for five glorious and peaceful days. We spent most of the time shoveling the roof, the deck, the window wells and a rink. Poor Jeremy shoveled that rink 4 times for hour a day and then the day we went to use it there was a warm spell that turned it to mush. It was sad because he had made it as a gift for me as he knows I love skating. I think it is the closest feeling to flying one can feel without a plane.

We came home from the cottage, two days before my surgery, to organize the house and get some jobs done I knew I didn't want to sit and stare at when I would not be allowed to do anything for the next several weeks. 

My surgery went very well. I had an excellent surgeon and, while he said it was an extremely difficult surgery, I have experienced such relief. I had become so used to living with the pain that the sudden absence of it was incredible. I am so grateful that the Lord bought all this together in a short time when we all know how long it can take to get help medically here in Canada.

During my recovery time we have been packing our shipping crate and listing every single thing that went into it. It was a bit stressful deciding what we needed, wanted, could wait on, or live without. We also had to move out of our apartment during this time and have been downsizing, donating, giving away and all around purging in order to prepare for the move back into my parents home. Once we moved in we had taken over three rooms and have now worked it down to two and a section of the basement but there is still more work to do.

Now we finally have more time to study and prepare for language school. I have been using that app, Babbel, and Jeremy has been going the old school route with a notebook and drawings. He is labeling his body hands, arms and legs in order to memorize the names and it is pretty entertaining. I am going to mix his method with mine and hopefully we can hit the ground running when we get to Indonesia.

Calvary Baptist Church                                                                       Nov 20, 2016 

This past Sunday we were privileged to be able to share at Calvary Baptist here in Ottawa. It is a wonderful church and, since I went to youth group with the pastor, great to be able to hear Pastor Matt share as he is a gifted preacher.

Missions Week at the Metropolitan Bible Church                       nov 7-13, 2016

During the week of November 7 to the 13th Jeremy and I spoke and helped out at a number of different events at the Metropolitan Bible Church's missions week. It was a very busy week but also so encouraging. It was awesome to be able to share what the Lord is doing in Papua as well as getting to know some of the other missionaries of church supports.

The Met missions conference is always special for me as it was at one that I went forward at an alter call and dedicated my life in service to the Lord. I was seventeen at the time and had no idea what I could do or even how I would serve but God took that moment in time and shaped my life to suit His purpose from there on out.

It was wonderful to get to share with the young kids and teach them about Papua, the youth about how to use sports as outreach and about Papua with anyone who was interested. It was a good week.

Visiting West Village                                  Nov 6,2016       

This morning we were blessed to be able to visit West Village Church in Westboro and share with their children about some of the things we will be doing upon our return to Papua. It was so much fun to interact with the little ones and teach them about the many differences between Canada and Papua. We also had our booth set up and met a number of wonderful people. It was a great morning. 

West Village took up a project offering and we are so grateful and know it will be a blessing to the children of Papua. Thank you West Village!

Great Success!                                                Oct 24, 2016

We had a wonderful time at the auction and were so grateful for all those who came out. We felt so loved and supported! The room was full and I think we all had fun. Some people even came to do their Christmas shopping :)  We finished raising our one time support and are one step closer to Papua.

Thank you so much if you were one of the lovely people who came out and supported us that night! God Blessed us and we pray He will bless you in turn. (Sorry for no pictures, we got a little busy and forgot to take any).

Silent Auction

Please come out and take part in our Silent Auction on October 24th, 7 pm at the Metropolitan Bible Church. There will be signs. paddles and photography available as we try to finish up our fundraising journey. We hope it will be a fun night!

Visiting Grandview Church in Kitchener

October 9, 2016

Last weekend we were blessed to be able to share at Grandview Church in Kitchener. We had our booth all set up right outside the sanctuary, put inserts into the bulletins and were interviewed in front of the congregation during both services. We were able to share about our ministries with both the school and Papua United.

In-between the services we met with a number of kind individuals and were able to share more about Papua and its peoples. The Lord led a number of new people to partner with MAF and as a result we have now reached over 75% of our monthly goal and 90% of our outgoing fund!!

Thank you Kitchener and Grandview!

MAF Dessert Night at Redeemer                                                      June 9, 2016

Last week we held our first ever fundraising event! It was a lot of fun and the people that came out made us feel so loved. We were able to present the ministries we will be taking part in upon our return to Papua and share our excitement with those attending. 

While the turnout was small, we had a really good time and felt very encouraged by those who were there. We also had a lot of desserts left over but the high school students and staff benefited the next day :)

Awana Grand Prix                                                             February 2016

In February Jeremy was invited to speak to the kids at the annual Awana Grand Prix. The kids raced their cars, Jer spoke and we all had a great time. We were told the kids were the quietest they had even been while Jeremy spoke. Proud wife moment :)

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