Follow the Adventure: The Brazeau's Serving In Papua

Droning On

Drones. We pretty much all know what they are by now and either live in anticipation of the day they will deliver our packages and pizzas  to our doors or fear of when they will through off their constraints and wage war on us from above. Regardless of your view, just a few short years ago I had no clue of what a drone was, and when I first encountered them in Papua it was always after dark and with a fair amount of confusion.

Now I have seen a lot of weird things in Papua; a rat with its bottom on fire, cement poured into a river in place of a bridge (and yes, the water just goes over it and eventually washes it away) street fights, lady-boys, light posts standing in the middle of roads, back hoes digging out from beneath themselves, dogs eating other dogs and on one memorable occasion I briefly, very briefly, thought the world was ending when I saw what turned out to be flying, burning trash rising up into the night sky. So I think we have established that weird is par for the course in Papua and sometimes when you see something unexplainable* it has to remain that way. Unexplained.

Alright, enough with the droning on, back to the story. One night a few years ago Jeremy and I were driving back up the school hill with our friends who had kindly taken us into the big city with them for the day. The sun sets every day by six and most people come out after dark to socialize in the cooler air, so it was pitch black as we approached home. On one side of the school road is a cemetery and the other a military base. We are used to seeing creepy things on the cemetery side (fires, creepy singing and once a coffin with a life size doll falling out) but generally the military side is good for explosions, gunshots and men sneaking about in camo. Well this night suddenly in the air following alongside the truck were these flashing green and red lights. "Does anyone else see that?" I asked and was meant with a chorus of yeses. None of us could figure out what it was and were grateful when it finally departed at the guard gate.

Jer and I eventually decided it was something from the military but I started noticing those lights more and more often. Disturbingly the spot I saw the lights the most commonly was hovering out our back windows. The worst part was our apartment did not have curtains at the back. It wasn't until we were back in Canada and I saw a news story about a man spying in people's windows in Vancouver that I realized what those lights were. I think I may be bringing a paintball gun back with us this time around.

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