Follow the Adventure: The Brazeau's Serving In Papua

So Who Are These People?

Jeremy and Lindsay have been married for a decade and its been a good one. When they had been married three years they were called to Indo for the first time and the Lord led them to Hillcrest in Papua. Jeremy has since taught an array of subjects for the middle school and high school but is a science and math teacher by trade. Upon their return he will be now focusing on grades six, seven and eight. Lindsay teaches P.E. (gym) for kindergarten through grade twelve.

Jeremy grew up in southern Ontario, went to university for science and then onto teachers college. He met Lindsay while they were in university and married her three years after their first meeting.

Lindsay grew up in the capital region and attended university and teachers college to become a gym and history teacher.

What Lindsay thought would be an interesting footnote in their twenties has now turned into their life's story. They first went to Papua to fill a gap for a one year term but then, after coming back to Canada, found the Lord was directing their hearts and minds to Papua continually. Heading back for a second time, now for a two year term, Lindsay believed their duty to the Lord would be fulfilled and they would then be free to settle in to a permanent life in Canada. As it turned out, this would not the case. 

After the two year term was complete Jeremy and Lindsay returned to Canada unsure as to what the future held and needing to deal with some medical issues. After a year at home it became clear that the Lord was calling them to full time service in Papua and they began working towards that future together. Jeremy had known all along that the Lord wanted them in Papua but he patiently waited for Lindsay to catch up with what the Lord had told him years ago.

Currently the Brazeau's are fundraising, preparing to go to Java for Indonesian language training, move to Papua and discovering that following after the Lord is always an adventure.

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